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To see if a name you are researching is in the HDS database, please submit a request to our Research Director.
If your family member is not currently recorded in our database, the Research Director will contact you to discuss further options. By supplying your family details, we may be able to link you to an existing family.

All enquiries regarding family research contact [email protected]

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The information recorded in the Hocking Descendants Society Database has been gleaned from many different sources – Parish Registers, various Genealogy web sites, books, wills and other documents, including information that has been kindly contributed by family members, past and present.

Copyright remains with the websites researched and accuracy of data is not guaranteed or implied.

Due to the Privacy Act, the Hocking Descendants Society Database is only available to current HDS members.

All names of “living” persons will be kept private and suppressed from any reports.

You don’t have to have a Hocking surname to become a member of the HDS, just a Hocking connection in your ancestral line.

**Note: to be eligible to obtain a copy of your family tree you must become a member of the Hocking Descendants Society Inc.

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