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About Us

The Hocking Descendants Society Inc. (HDS) is a Not-for-Profit Organisation, founded on 22 May 1988 by a group of interested persons who were researching the family name of HOCKING. Variant spellings include: Huychen, Horkin/Horken, Hackin, Hawkin(s) / Hawken(s), Hocken(s) / Hockin(s) and Hocking(s).

The HDS is a world-wide organisation (based in Australia) with representatives in New Zealand, Canada, United States of America and the United Kingdom, and is run entirely by volunteers who give generously of their time and goodwill to provide a service to all members researching their family history.

Statement of Purpose

  • To maintain an Association of those interested in the origin, history and development of the
    various branches of the Hocking families

  • To promote the conservation of documents and other material of special significance to the
    various branches of the Hocking family and its descendants

  • To foster the genealogical study of history of the various branches of the Hocking family with the
    intention of sponsoring the publication of definitive research where this is appropriate

  • To compile & circulate a regular newsletter dealing with matters of topical interest and current
    genealogical and biographical research into the various branches of the Hocking family

Origin of Cornish Surnames - Hocken, Hockin, Hocking

Originated in Cornwall even if not Celtic (says White) apparently from Huchan, a pet name, which Christopher Bice, in his “300 Cornish Christian Names”, suggest is presumably the diminutive of Hal, Halkin, which as in Hawkins come from Henry. Hockin, says Bice, is still used as a genuine forename by at least one Cornish family. By J. A. Baines, F.G.S.V.

Join Us

We invite you to join the HOCKING DESCENDANTS SOCIETY (HDS) in promoting the exchange of information among family members and to stimulate interest in the history, and traditions of those who have a connection or concern for Cornwall.  Membership is open to all who have a connection to the Hocking family name either by birth, marriage or ancestry, irrespective of its spelling, Cornish ancestry is not required.

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