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July 2015
- Alexander Henderson Award for Best Australian Family History

  New book includes Hocking Family History

A new book has been published which includes details of some Hocking family members, In The Shadow Of Feathertop - A history of the lives and legacy of George Jones and Margaret Hardie.

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December 2013 - Urgent Family Medical History Needed!!

URGENT: Need to trace family members or family history due to medical condition.

Keith Oscar MECHAN is my grandfather. Details surrounding his birth, family and upbringing is unknown. Raised by John William EDWARDS of South Australia - possibly adopted - Wife's name unknown. Member of Salvation Army in S.A. Had 4 blood children: Winifred, Hilda, Olive and Myrtle - birth dates unknown.

1st marriage: Keith MECHAN married Enid RIDDLE (Ridle) and had 2 children Mervyn Clement 24 Mar 1928 born at the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital at Rose Park, District Norwood B209A p216, other child - details unknown.

2nd Marriage: Keith married under the name of Keith EDWARDS to Violet Jean HOCKING. Details as to why he changed his surname are unknown.

HDS Member: 377 Tree: 150

Amanda Ray - Queensland, Australia

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November 2013 - Research Assistance Required!!

HDS Member #128

HDS Tree #36

Barry R. Yeates

South Australia

I am researching the family of William HOCKING (1821-1868), the second child of Nicholas HOCKING (1795-1870) and Grace Hawks (1797-1835). After Grace died Nicholas was re-married to Charlotte Harrop and the family, including William migrated to South Australia on the Cleveland in 1839. William married Harriet Janes (1821-1862) in Adelaide in 1843, and to the best of my knowledge had 4 children.   

However, in the database records for Tree no. 36 of the Hocking Descendants Society shows that William and Harriet had a fifth child, named Harriet, b.1857 at Kooweerup in Victoria, who died in 1860 in Victoria at the age of 3. I have found the record for the death of this child, which indicates that the child was born at KOO, the father's name was William, and the mother's name was Harriet and her maiden name was 'not stated'.

 I have been unable to find any record for the birth of this child in either the Victorian or the South Australian records, (because KOO, could also stand for Kooringa, near Burra in South Australia). There is very little information recorded about William Hocking (1821-1868), and at this time I am of the opinion that he did not leave South Australia. I would be pleased to hear from the person who provided the information that is shown in the HDS records, or anybody else who may be researching this family, or, indeed, anybody who has the details shown on the Birth Certificate for Harriet (died 1860), or is otherwise able to confirm that this was a child of William Hocking (1821-1868) and Harriet Janes (1821-1862).

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